Influence a Positive Culture
Workplace culture and conflict management are interrelated and interdependent. Suzanne Petryshyn, founder and CEO at Peak Conflict Solutions, helps workplaces find their collective voice and common language to influence a positive culture. Our Accredited Training and Suzanne's Keynote Presentations provide you with essential conflict management skills. Start exploring for more information about how we can help you make a difference at work.
Transform Your Workplace
Lead by example and take our accredited online course for managers and staff. This course meets industry needs by providing professionals like you with relevant and meaningful continuing education about how to take charge and find solutions for conflict at work. You will develop practical skills you can use immediately following each lesson.
Who should take this course? If you are a professional who believes unresolved conflict will undermine the workplace, our course will provide you with practical skills to help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. Immediately following each lesson, you will be equipped to communicate in a way that inspires, engages, and builds confidence in your skills for helping your workplace find solutions to conflict. Register for our online and on-demand Level 1.0: Introduction to Conflict Management course and get the insight, strategies and tools for making a difference at work.
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About Suzanne and Peak Conflict Solutions

Authority on workplace culture and conflict management

An internationally published author, Suzanne has taught and written post secondary curriculum for conflict management and led a practice for workplace and family mediation.
A Master's Degree in Conflict Analysis Management and a globally recognized Chartered Mediator designation, Suzanne offers her audiences street smarts experience and classroom education.
Create Opportunities for Learning
Create the perfect learning opportunity to make a difference in your workplace.
You and your staff have options for your workplace training. We will provide your workplace with exclusive access to our Level 1.0: Introduction to Conflict Management course online. This includes bulk registrations for your staff so everyone will be on the same page. You are also welcome to join us at a Learning Retreat in the Canadian Rockies or Suzanne will provide on-site training.

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